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Cynda Cook is a graduate of Stanfield High School in Umatilla County and works in two capacities to provide service and support to the citizens of Northeast Oregon.  She has assisted her former husband in forming and administering Cooks' Land and Water Consulting and runs a home-based business through Arbonne International which promotes and sells natural beauty and home health products.  She balances these efforts with her commitment to her family and two children, as well as to the citizens of Umatilla County with developmental disabilities, continuing her membership and commitment to the ARC of Umatilla County for over 15 years.  


Cynda attended college at Blue Mountain Community College and the International Air Academy while working various jobs to support her education.  Cynda is one of the five founding members and she is proud of her involvement with the partners of Eastern Oregon Women's Coalition. Cynda is also proud to be able to be a part of the regional story of what it takes to raise a family who have the pride, commitment and passion that it takes to make the quality of life better for the next generations in the region she calls home.